Friday, July 13, 2012

Do you know about the Alexa ranking?

After Google Page Rank the quantity that is given high importance by webmasters is Alexa Rank. Several of them decide your blog/website by simply seeing your Alexa Rank. Even advertisers check your Alexa Rank to advertise on your journal.
What is Alexa Rank? defines themself as a "web info company”. They rank each web site and journal supported their traffic and a few different factors. This Alexa Rank gets updated daily. Lesser the quantity higher.

How Alexa Rank is measured?

You might freak out once reading however Alexa Ranking is measured. is measurement your website’s traffic is one in all the foremost unfair surveys around. Why?
They solely record those hits that meet up with their systems. Which means your guests either have to be compelled to Install Alexa Toolbar on their browser otherwise you ought to place associate degree Alexa widget/plunging put in on your journal.

That means the blogs below the niche Blogging, schoolnology can have a higher Alexa Rank compared with the blogs that don't seem to be associated with Tech Stuff.

Tips to extend Alexa Ranking:

Install Alexa Tool Bar: Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser and additionally raise your friends, guests to put in toolbar on their browser.
Claim your web site: to achieve full management over your site. Claim your web site on This may facilitate others to grasp United Nations agency owns the location and helps you in ranking higher on Alexa.
Place Alexa gismo on your blog: As I already same Alexa counts solely those hits that return below their system. Therefore place associate degree Alexa gismo on your journal.
Get Traffic from Bloggers and petulant guys: this can be the foremost necessary issue that affects your Alexa Rank. If you get additional guests United Nations agency square measure bloggers and petulant guys then your Alexa rank can increase quick as a result of all the Bloggers and petulant folks are putting in Alexa gismo on their browsers.
Write a review concerning Alexa on your blog: Write a review concerning Alexa Ranking and link back to
Raise your guests to review your journal on Alexa: Review your journal on and raise your guests to review your journal. Write a Review of our journal on Alexa.
Commenting and Back linking: discuss different journals that square measure below the niche Blogging and Technology with smart traffic and link back to your blog. during this means build additional links from blogs with smart traffic as a result of back links square measure crucial as you would possibly have noticed  that Alexa even calculates the quantity of back links you've got.
Update your journal regularly: it's powerfully counselled to put in writing ofttimes to extend your Alexa rank. Alternatively your Alexa rank can go down and it becomes arduous to bring back your Alexa once more.
Write quality posts: As I continually say quality matters .If you write quality posts then others can mechanically link back to you and thereby increasing back links and traffic additionally that will increase your Alexa rank.
Share your posts on Social Networking sites: Share your posts on social networks like Facebook, Stumble upon  and Digg. This web site not solely brings huge traffic however additionally helps in increasing your Alexa Rank.