Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 10 Alternative Search Engines: Best of 2012

We do rather love putting together top 10 lists for you. This time we’re covering the top 10 alternative search engines and reference sites 2012.

So if you’re bored of using the typical mainstream search engines like Google, these search and reference websites offer interesting, new ways to search for whatever you’re looking for!

DuckDuckGo -The Search Engine That DOESN’T Track You

Qwiki - The Talking Wikipedia 

Quora -The Search Engine for Questions & Answers

Chomp - The Search Engine for Apps

Grovo - The Search Engine for Internet Education

Wolfram Alpha -The Computer That Knows All The Answers 

SoCl -The Social Search Engine

5min -The Ultimate How-To ‘Videopedia‘ 

LyricsnMusic -The Search Engine for Music & Lyrics 

AllMyFaves -The Web’s Most Popular Homepage: No Search Required!